An educator at heart, Elisabeth enjoys presenting fresh ideas, proven strategies and solid principles to help her audience walk away with concrete ideas they can immediately implement to become more productive and organized.

Supporting employees, from front-office staff to key executives, is critical to successful implementation and maintenance of company-wide systems.  When leadership at a company provides the education and time needed for employees to get more organized, morale improves, efficiency increases, and everyone, including clients, is impacted in a positive way.

Current Keynote Presentations include:


Principles of a Productive Work Environment

A productive environment allows individuals to accomplish work and unleash everyday brilliance. In this talk Elisabeth will share the seven essential elements needed to manage the three pillars of productivity: space, time and information.

Discover strategies and tools to manage paper piles, digital disorganization, an unruly Inbox and calendar chaos. Learn how to eliminate clutter, improve efficiency and gain clarity, inspiration & motivation that allows you to unleash your everyday brilliance.

This topic can be delivered in a one hour keynote or a half-day workshop. While a keynote will discuss the seven principles of a productive environment, workshops are designed for a deeper dive into a more collaborative approach creating a productive environment. Participants will receive custom workbooks and materials, and will leave the workshop with an action plan for creating a productive work environment that inspires creativity and productivity.


Managing Time, Managing You: Mastering the Art of Time Management

It is human nature to wear multiple hats, taking on too many tasks & responsibilities and becoming overwhelmed. Time is a limited commodity in your life. The decisions you make regarding how time is used is what ultimately impacts your efficiency, productivity, quality of work, stress levels and profitability. If you want to get the best results possible from your life, good time management skills are crucial.

In this presentation, Elisabeth will highlight the time management strategies essential to survive in today’s “ADHD” world and discuss the importance of structure, consistency, prioritization and boundaries as related to one’s calendar.  She will help you discover how to work smarter, how to eliminate the distractions you encounter at work, and how to adopt efficient practices leading to greater productivity, profitability and personal success!


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