High Energy & High Value


Fresh ideas, proven strategies and solid principles; this is what you can expect from a Turn Leaf keynote presentation.

Our goal is for each audience member to walk away with several concrete ideas that can be implemented immediately. Professional Education is only as good as the action taken with that new knowledge!

Business leaders hire Elisabeth for speaking engagements in order to:

  • increase morale
  • improve office organization
  • impact overall efficiency
  • motivate team members

Current Keynote Presentations include*:

  • Principles of a Productive Environment
  • Managing Time, Managing You: Mastering the Art of Time Management;
  • SYSTEMS for Business Success


*Customized keynotes & trainings can also be provided.

Principles of a Productive Work Environment

A productive environment allows individuals to accomplish their work, unleash creativity, and think big. In this presentation, Elisabeth shares the seven essential elements needed to manage the three pillars of productivity: space, time and information.



Managing Time, Managing You: Mastering the Art of Time Management

Time is a limited commodity. The “myth” around time management is that time is not what is being managed, but rather it is the decisions we make regarding how to spend the limited time we have.

In this presentation, Elisabeth addresses the essential time management strategies needed to survive in today’s “ADHD” world. In an interactive style, Elisabeth and audience members explore the importance of structure, consistency, prioritization and boundaries.  Discover how to work smarter, eliminate distractions, and adopt efficient practices leading to greater productivity, profitability and personal success!

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