Productivity Coaching for High-Performing Professionals

What exactly does a Productivity Coach & Consultant do? In a nutshell, I help professionals streamline their lives. Whether I am working individually with a high performing professional or with an entire team within a company, the services I provide revolve around increasing control over Space, Time, and Information.

I call this the Trifecta for Productivity.

  • Level-Up Your Performance

    I work with high-performing professionals & leaders, ready to up-level their performance in both their professional and personal lives. By improving organizational skills & time management techniques, my clients can eliminate feelings of overwhelm, accomplish their work, and create the time and space they need to pursue their passions in life.

  • Perfect for Teams

    Productivity coaching is also helpful for teams or larger companies, especially during times of transition or change. It may seem counterintuitive, but this is actually the ideal time to identify obstacles and implement strategies to maintain high levels of productivity.

Here’s what I hear from my coaching clients every day, maybe you can relate:

  • “I feel overwhelmed by my to-do list.”
  • “I don’t feel like I have control of my time or my calendar.”
  • "I don’t know how to prioritize because everything feels equally important."
  • "I'm embarrassed to meet clients in my office space."
  • "I know what I should be doing, but I'm just not doing it."
  • "I wish I had better systems in place."
  • "I'm wasting time looking for information."
  • "I thrive on structure and accountability."
  • "I'm easily distracted and suffer from 'shiny object syndrome.'"

It doesn't have to be this way!

Working together, we will create and implement achievable, meaningful, measurable action steps that have a significant ROI.

If you want to create a lasting impact and success you need to work on all three areas of your professional life or business:

Space, Time, and Information.

"I recommend Elisabeth highly! Elisabeth helped me to organize my client follow-ups, to-do lists, and improve my time management. Within the next four months, my business increased by 40%. Within six months of working with Elisabeth, I was able to promote to regional vice president in my company.”

Kristine McGilvray

Arbonne International

Here's what working together looks like:

Organize Your Space

  • Create a desk and office free from paper clutter
  • Set-up a personalized filing system allowing you to find info you need within seconds
  • Maintain an organized workspace the reflects the quality of work/service you provide
  • Systems that allow you to work from anywhere! Home, car, office, beach 🙂

Take Control of Your Time

  • Learn to use time blocking to maximize each day
  • Be in full control of your calendar
  • Start each day & week proactively, with a plan in place
  • Learn when to say Yes and how to say No

Master Your Information

  • Maximize the digital tools already available to you: Outlook/Gmail, your CRM, your digital calendar and other cloud-based tools
  • Tame your Email Inbox: process, respond to, and eliminate emails in a timely manner
  • Use digital storage to its fullest potential, leading to a “less-paper” focused working style

"As I write this, I am in Nashville following up on a lifetime dream of publishing my “life” book! I am meeting with several folks over the next few days and will return late on Wednesday with a hopeful strategy of finishing this lifelong journey. Your organizational influence has assisted me in feeling free enough to move forward, so thanks!”

Dan Francis


Elisabeth Galperin

How it Works:

Step 1: Discovery Session

  • We’ll discuss your current situation to determine what’s working and what’s not
  • We’ll take a look at your goals and needs and determine your level of commitment

Step 2: Strategy Session

  • I'll propose a custom plan of action and walk through the process with you in detail

Step 3: The Coaching Program

  • Monthly on-site training and consulting
  • Weekly accountability tracking and coaching
  • Continual communication via email, text, Slack, or whatever works best for you

"I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Elisabeth on numerous occasions. Her commitment to educating and empowering her customers is unparalleled. She works diligently to maintain her industry expertise and has truly earned the designation of 'professional.' One can rest assured when one has consulted with Elisabeth on her services; she makes certain that her customers' needs are met in a timely manner that is also financially effective."

Lydia Matthews

Liberty Mutual Insurance