Peak Productivity Academy

Accomplish Your Work. Pursue Your Passions.

Hello, A-Gamer

Your Time to Level-Up Has Arrived.

Everyone talks about being more productive these days, but what does that actually mean?

You aren't a machine, cranking out widgets by the hour.

You are a highly driven professional, with purpose and passion.

You are tired of putting out other people's fires; tired of operating in reactive mode and handling only the "busy work". You know you have the ability to plan ahead and work proactively, but most days it just doesn't work out that way.

You desire to spend time on the meaningful tasks, the goal-driven activities, the high impact work that will challenge you, impact others, and move the needle in significant ways.

STOP wasting time on insignificant tasks.

START amplifying your impact, your effectiveness, your journey on the path towards your peak.

It's time to discover & put into play the "next-level" strategies you seek to master your time, control your calendar, and truly OWN this life you live - both as a high-performing professional and as an adventure-seeking, "live life to the fullest" opportunist.

Think you might be a good fit for this program? Contact Elisabeth Galperin to schedule your personal call.

Peak Productivity Academy

An 8-Week Accelerated Group Training and Coaching Program

Your Results...

  • START amplifying your impact and your effectiveness

  • START taking meaningful steps on your journey towards your peak

  • Master life-long strategies and habits to maximize your time and energy

Our Deliverables...

  • Weekly 60-minute live & recorded training sessions

  • Daily conversation, inspiration & accountability in private FB group

  • Weekly group accountability & "hot-seat" sessions

  • Accountability tracking tool & friendly group competition




  • $697 (payment options available)

Think you might be a good fit for this program? Contact Elisabeth Galperin to schedule your personal call.



Interested in the play-by-play breakdown of the program?  Here is the Agenda:

WEEK 1: The Foundation: Identity, Values, Habits & Behaviors of a Peak Performer

WEEK 2: Creating Your Productive Environment

WEEK 3: Controlling Your Calendar

WEEK 4: Mastering Your Paper Information

WEEK 5: Mastering Your Digital Information

WEEK 6: SYSTEMs for Success

WEEK 7: Implementation Week

WEEK 8: Your Game Plan for Sustained Success


*Trainings calls are Mondays @ 9:00 AM EST; Accountability Check-Ins are Fridays @ 9:00 AM EST

*All calls are recorded and accessible in Teachable platform; accessible whenever you need them!