Productivity Quickstart™


Get Systematized, Organized & Focused!

Achieving and maintaining a streamlined, well-organized office that puts you in control of your space, time, and information is a realistic goal. It all comes down to defining and implementing the right SYSTEMS in your office, your business, and your life.

As a business owner/entrepreneur, are you…

  • Wasting time each day/week looking for papers, files, and digital information you know you have saved somewhere in the office?
  • Missing out on opportunities and clients because business cards, important reminders, and tasks are falling through the cracks?
  • Looking at a messy desk each morning, knowing that your space does not reflect the quality of work you provide nor the successful business you have built?
  • Watching your to-do list grow at an unrealistic rate, wondering if/when you will ever feel “caught up”?
  • Unable to shut-off from work because there is always one more thing you could be doing?

The Productivity Quickstart™ will provide you with a manageable system that fits with your busy schedule, provides easy-to-follow action steps, and provides the accountability and encouragement needed to get systematized, organized & focused!

As a solopreneur working out of my home, I didn’t know how to best structure my office. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find a system that worked. Elisabeth took the time to really get to know my work style, organizational needs, etc. She gave me the structure and the processes that I needed most to work efficiently. Honestly, it is no exaggeration to say that it was life-changing. My productivity has increased dramatically, and my stress levels have decreased even more so. It was well worth the investment to hire Elisabeth, and I highly recommend her.

Susan W.

Managing Director, Cincinnati, OH, Opal Sky Communications

As I write this, I am in Nashville following up on a lifetime dream of publishing my “life” book!  I will return …  with a hopeful strategy of finishing this lifelong journey.  Your organizational influence has assisted me in feeling free enough to move forward, so “thanks!

Dan F.

Pastor, Covington KY