Improve the three Pillars of Productivity: Space, Time and Information.

Turn Leaf’s services & training are designed to help businesses in transition. Whether business growth, change in leadership, or a physical relocation is the impetus for this time of transition, Turn Leaf can provide guidance and support.  To successfully navigate times of change, executives and leaders need that support and guidance to avoid becoming overwhelmed and overextended.  We offer a variety of solutions to assist businesses and team members to become more efficient and effective. Remember, The 7 most dangerous words in business are, “We have always done it this way.”

A Productive Environment Day™

Productive Environment Day™ is a full day of training that provides your team with hands-on assistance and implementation of the core principles for creating a productive work environment.  The program is tailored to meet the unique needs of the company.

The purpose of the Productive Environment Day™ is to give participants the opportunity to:

  • Learn techniques to confidently decide what physical & digital information can be safely eliminated;
  • Define the components of their SYSTEM™ in order to easily find what is kept;
  • Experience greater peace of mind and increased focus within their working environment;
  • Feel the support of the leadership team, and colleagues, while creating order and organization in their personal  work space.

Corporate Team Training

Imagine your company running like a well-oiled machine; all team members & departments working at peak performance level, all resources being used to the fullest potential, productivity levels continually rising along with increasing profit from one quarter to the next.  These are the results of Turn Leaf’s Corporate Team Trainings.   Provided both as half-day and full-day programming, these interactive trainings are most effective when groups are capped at 20 people.

Popular trainings include:

  • Principles of a Productive Environment: Clearing The Clutter
  • Time & Decision Management: Becoming Ridiculously In Charge
  • 8 Critical SYSTEMS Every Business Needs to Success
  • Evernote 101: The Basics & The Benefits*Additional training/topics can be tailored to meet your current needs.

Productivity Consulting Services

Individualized consulting packages can be created to best serve the client’s needs.  Services  typically involve strategic planning sessions with administrative members, combined with individualized and/or small group consulting, coaching and hands-on assistance.  Working with Turn Leaf Organizing means you have a Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES) on your team to accompany and advise, resulting in a more seamless and successful period of transition and positive change.