The Trifecta for Productivity: Control over Space, Time, and Information

Looks can be very deceiving.  Getting organized and increasing productivity is about much more than a pretty space and a busy schedule.  A space can look organized from the exterior, yet important paperwork and materials can be very hard to find.  A professional can look and feel very busy, yet his or her activities may not be producing real results.

My philosophy regarding organization & productivity is that control over space, time, and information must exist.  I call it the Trifecta for Productivity.  An organized space must function for all who work within the environment, and must accommodate for the ebb and flow of daily life.  A productive company must have documented systems, policies, and procedures that guide each team member’s decisions, actions, and priorities.  An individual’s calendar must be well-managed, proactively filled, and intentionally aligned with one’s goals.

To create a productive and organized environment, I often address the physical space first; but my work does not end there.  When all three pillars of productivity (space, time, information) are assessed and improved upon, significant and lasting change and growth occurs.

Organizing is not an event.

Organization is a value, a lifestyle, a decision and a commitment. When adopted by a business, its leaders & team members, it can can become a game-changer in determining whether the business will simply survive or truly thrive.