What can I do to get more done?

How can I be more efficient and effective?

What tools can I use to increase my productivity and maximize my time?

Do these questions sounds familiar? Have you asked yourself these questions before?  I know I certainly did when I first began my “quest” to win at the game of time management and productivity.  Do you know what I discovered was the answer to each of these questions? It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. It probably isn’t the answer you are expecting either. The answer is… Utilizing the Help and Skills of OTHERS.  yes, other people can be the solution to becoming a peak performer and a productivity master.

Let Me Explain

Just as a sports team must rely on many players to score the points and win the game, you as a business owner and/or leader need to have a team of individuals who can support you in your efforts to Get.More.Done.  In addition, humans are still wired to be part of a pack..a tribe..a community. In other words, we are hard-wired to need social interaction and social motivation. So when, as an entrepreneur and/or business leader, you try to “go it alone”, you are actually working AGAINST nature. I am the first to admit, I like to demonstrate my inner drive and internal motivation; I like to prove to others (but mostly to myself) that I can do it alone, independently, without needing anyone’s help.  But the honest truth is, that makes business- and life – much harder than it needs to be. And if you are seeking greater productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, choosing to take the path of greatest resistance is definitely not in your best interest.

Researcher Peter Shallard found that a very small percentage of the population have an innate ability to stay accountable to themselves, to maintain focus and productivity without the support of external forces, aka the support of others. He also found that the majority of entrepreneurs operate in a social vacuum; 90% struggle with creating personal accountability; 90% have NO ONE who really knows what they did- or did not- accomplish each day.

Conclusions to Draw

What conclusion can you draw from those statistics? I can think of several.

>> Accountability is vital, because otherwise we never celebrate good days or good moments, nor do we have anyone else paying attention to our actions or making sure that we stick to the plan.

>> A team of one is not the formula for getting consistent, positive, high-impact results. Honestly, how many times a day do you justify (to yourself) why you got off-task, spent more time on an activity than planned, and/or why you didn’t stick to the day’s schedule? I bet you wouldn’t use those same excuses with a business partner or business coach, would you?

>> Having the support of other like-minded individuals is the path of least resistance to improve yourself because it capitalizes on social expectations and can also set the bar higher than you might set for yourself.

Taking Action

So how do you create a team for external support & accountability? The possibilities are endless. Here are my top 3 suggestions for building your support team for business and life:

1. An Accountability Partner(s): Find one or two individuals who you can trust and rely upon for WEEKLY accountability check-ins. You will report on what you accomplished & where you struggled over the past week, and what your goals are for the upcoming week. You might want someone who is on a similar journey as you (for example, a lifting partner who can meet you at the gym 3 times a week). Or, you might want to ask a mentor or colleague who knows your professional goals and can provide some tough love if/when you are not following through on your action plan. Be intentional about who you choose; you need to get the right balance of feedback, accountability, support and butt-kicking…right?

2. A Coach: Working with a coach can not only provide accountability but also strategy. A coach is going to provide a very objective perspective because the foundation of the relationship is personal/professional development & accountability. Friendship or workplace social rules do not apply! Also, a coach has the expertise and experience to help you identify the exact level of support you need to motivate you versus frustrate you. A coach is truly an expert at filling this accountability partner role; it is part of what you are paying him/her for!

3. A Mastermind Group: A mastermind group truly taps into the power of social interaction and social motivation. Most mastermind groups involve meeting face to face on a regular basis, and provide not just a place to share your successes and struggles, but also a place to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of others who are walking the same entrepreneurial or leadership path as you.

I challenge you today to take a step back and ask yourself, “Who is on MY productivity team?”

And if you realize you are the only one sitting on the bench, reach out. I can fill that role, or help you draft the right teammates to ensure you have the best team possible to reach your peak productivity levels in 2020.

To Your Productivity~