Before today I never really knew the difference between these two concepts. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve even heard the phrase “show out” before, or if I have, I’ve ignored the term or written it off as a slang term the younger generation was using.

For those who know me well, I am a “closet” fitness freak. I may look small and slight, but when it comes to sports and fitness I am tough – physically and mentally- not to mention uber-competitive.

Honestly, If I could, I would work out every day for the first few hours of the morning. Mom-life doesn’t allow for that right now, but 5-6 mornings a week I am up and at the gym (or in my personal gym, aka the basement) by 6 AM getting my sweat on. And loving every minute of it.

This morning while using the Peleton App (LOVE this app, by the way, which you can use without their
equipment) the instructor was talking us through the final sprint segment on the treadmill. As he started motivating the peleton to make the last few sprints our best, he asked if we were there, sweating and sprinting, simply to say we had SHOWN UP for the workout today, or if we were there to SHOW OUT today.

The lightbulb went ON for me in that moment. I’ve been trying for a few weeks now to figure out how to make more correlations between my passion for exercise and my passion for productivity. HERE IT WAS.

Though it has many Urban Dictionary definitions, the one that resonates best for me is the sports application: “having a superlative performance”.

Each day when we shift into work-mode, whether we are running the company or running our book of business, are we simply SHOWING UP or are we making every effort to SHOW OUT?

When we SHOW UP, we are productive to a degree. We check off the prioritized tasks on the to-do list, we respond to the most critical emails; perhaps we even have a pretty strong performance in a meeting or finally close a deal we have been working hard on. We could give ourselves an 8/10 for the day’s effort, which is certainly acceptable -even admirable for most.

But we are the highly driven. We are the high- performers. We are the athletes, professionals, entrepreneurs &/or leaders who don’t settle for acceptable, right?

When we SHOW OUT, we give it our ALL. We perform at 100%, always, everywhere. Despite feeling tired, despite feeling discouraged, despite the obstacles that appear to be in the way. We give it our ALL today, and we come back tomorrow to give our all again, and again, and again. We know no other way.

So ask yourself, are you here, today, to SHOW UP or to SHOW OUT?

Do you have the systems, the tools, the support and the accountability in place to perform at your ideal level, to reach your potential, today, tomorrow, next week?

My goal is to help professionals SHOW OUT.
My purpose is to help high performers MAINTAIN success.
My desire is to make the process easier – and faster- for the highly-driven to reach their POTENTIAL & their GOALS

So, will 2019 be your year to simply SHOW UP or will it be the year you take the reins and SHOW OUT?

The play call is yours to make.

To Your Productivity~

Elisabeth G.