The Backstory

My client had a small epiphany yesterday,  I’d like to tell you it was because of something brilliant I said, or due to an incredible insight I provided.  But that wasn’t the case.  In fact, what I pointed out to him during our coaching session, he had heard before from me…multiple times.

He attended one of my workshops last year, where I taught this exact strategy.  He sat in a networking meeting, where I highlighted the importance of this step when planning for your week.  Yesterday was at least the third time he had heard this information.

I am pointing this out, not to make my client feel bad, nor to make the point that the “third time is a charm”.  I point this out because this time, we were in HIS office.  This time, we were looking at HIS Outlook calendar and task list.  This time, we were discussing HIS unique needs, tools, and habits.

The Lesson

It’s all about context…and timing…and making it personal.

It was different this time, because he committed to looking more objectively at his own routines and habits.  He allowed himself to be vulnerable, and asked someone else (that would be me, his productivity coach) to provide a new perspective and honest feedback about his current work habits & systems.

So what was the information that caused the epiphany?  What was the strategy that just might be the game changer for how he manages his priorities and controls his time?

It’s not important.

It’s not the point of this story.

It was his epiphany; it very likely will not be yours.

The point is, we all need to hear important information more than once. We all need to take those “good ideas” we hear at trainings, workshops, or lunch conversations, and connect them to our own personal situations, environments, or experiences.  We all need, from time to time, an objective point of view, honest feedback, and novel suggestions.  It’s the only way we grow, improve, uplevel, and excel.

Who is providing YOU with a different perspective & viewpoint, in your professional or personal life?

What great ideas have you recently heard, yet allowed to quickly slip away because it wasn’t personal advice?

Listen carefully this week, to new and old ideas. You just never know when you might have your next epiphany.

The P.S.

I guess I should share the strategy that really resonated for my client; it could really resonant for you too. In fact, it would be a great topic for a blog post.  Stay tuned readers! I’ll share the strategy, and a few other good ones, in my next post.  How’s that for suspense?