“You know better than that!”

If you have any memory of your childhood, these words likely sound very familiar.  And if you are a parent today, you probably say these words in your sleep.

Children have a tendency to know what to do & how to behave, but disregard that knowledge in a heartbeat when temptation or distraction arises, especially when they think no one is watching or no one will know.

But are children the only ones?

Accountability to Yourself

When was the last time you gave yourself a hard time for not completing a task on time, even though you knew you needed to get it done? Or promised yourself you would start working on that new habit – or get that task started that you’ve been procrastinating on – yet find a day or week later than you have not executed like you knew you should have?

We as humans are still wired to be part of the Tribe.  We need social interaction and peer motivation to hunt, to gather, to stay focused and to get things done!  When you try to be accountable only to yourself, you often do not reach your goals or fully reach your potential. Or worse, you succeed and achieve a milestone, yet you do not tell anyone or give yourself the credit due!  Especially those of you who are entrepreneurs; you almost never take the time to celebrate your own accomplishments.  You simply put your nose back to the grindstone and crank out more work because the work never ends.  [Full disclosure:  By you, I also mean me.]

The most successful among us are those who create external accountability.  Do you think Richard Branson goes it alone?  You better believe Elon Musk has “people” who keep him on-track, on-task, and who ensure he is following a plan and staying the course.  And you can also assume that Jeff Bezos throws some pretty wild and crazy celebrations each time Amazon gets one step closer to owning the world.

But enough about them.

What about you?  Who is on your team?  Who is asking you what your goals are for the week?  Who is challenging you on how you are prioritizing your tasks and ensuring they are aligned with your greater vision?  Who is providing the pat on the back that you need – and deserve – when you push past your fears and accomplish something, big or little, that those outside of your professional sphere would not recognize or understand?

Who is your Accountability Partner?

Accountability Coaching

If you are realizing you have a vacancy in your business – or your life – and need to fill that Accountability Partner role, we should talk.

If you feel that you have the tools & the knowledge – that you know WHAT to do – yet you find yourself not executing the way you know you CAN, finding an accountability partner is the answer to closing the gap.

Are you ready to kick things up a gear & take your career and performance to the next level?

Make the decision to CLOSE the GAP between knowing and doing.  And don’t try to go it alone. I’m here to help!

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