It has been an exciting few days for those of us who are sports fans in the US.  [For those who have been living under a rock, the Washington Capitals finally won the Stanley Cup, and the Golden State Warriors swept the Cleveland Cavs to claim yet another NBA Title.]  Whether you had a horse in the race or not, it’s always exciting when it comes down to the last few teams standing.  These athletes have been committed, focused, determined and tenacious since Day 1. In my book, they are winners in more ways than one. Man do I love sports and competition!


So what the heck do sports and productivity have in common? A lot, my friend, a lot.  Missing a front tooth is optional, thank goodness, but you really can learn a lot from these athletes about how to up your game in the areas of productivity and organization.  Here’s my take on it:

  • You’ve got to be in it for the long game.  Hockey season started October 7th; training camp began a month before that.  These athletes have been working towards their goal of winning the Stanley Cup for almost 9 months straight!  To get the results they wanted (kissing that shiny Cup), they had to put in the work, day in and day out, for three-fourths of the year.  No immediate results in this sport, folks.  The correlation?  To see an increase in your overall productivity, you have to be committed, work at it every day, and know that the ROI may not be attained or obvious until many months (and many new habits) later.  Good things come to those who wait  – and to those who work hard!
  • If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.  The Washington Capitals lost ~30% of their games this season.  The Golden State Warriors had the same stat.  Did they feel discouraged at times?  Sure.  Did they have to make some adjustments to their game plan and strategy?  No doubt.  Did they stay the course and keep their eye on the prize?  Clearly they did.  When you decide to implement new systems in your business and/or adopt new time management strategies, you will have some wins and also some losses.  Those who succeed push through, make adjustments, and stay the course.  There is no magic wand or easy solution when it comes to productivity and organization.
  • Leadership is everything.  Why do professional teams still need captains and coaches?  Because leadership is critical to a team’s success.  Regardless of the talent of each individual athlete, a team must have leadership from within and have coaches with a broader vision and perspective to prevail.  To win it all, to improve each and every day, to stay focused & committed, there must be strong leaders who lead by example.  In business, the leaders of the company must be the first to commit to the goal of improved productivity/organization and must be the first to take action.  Having a professional “coach “(i.e, a Productivity Expert or Professional Organizer) at the helm to help create the vision & to drive activity is a critical element as well. Someone has to be calling the shots from outside the lines.


Not a hockey fan?  These examples and lessons can be found in every successful team’s road to victory.  Productivity and organization are likely not the vocabulary of professional athletes when they are out of the court or rink, yet the results that these individuals are seeking ARE very similar to those of us mere mortals: attaining life-long goals, developing winning systems and strategies, and reaping the rewards from our hard work and tenacity.  Here’s to a winning week for us all.

To Your Productivity,


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