Increase your productivity, profit & peace of mind.


Improved control and organization of space, time, and information are key to increasing productivity, profitability and peace of mind; right?

What would happen if:

  • Your business prioritized organization and productivity?
  • Your team no longer felt overwhelmed by their list of daily tasks?
  • There was a consistent system everyone could follow to more easily process new information via email?
  • You stopped doing things the way your business has “always done things”?


Your business can be a Productive Environment™: an intentional setting where everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.

Turn a new leaf. Take the first step today!

I feel very empowered now, because when I walk into my office it no longer looks cluttered, and now I know exactly what my priorities/actions for the day are, and where to find the corresponding information.

Chris Lee

Bookkeeping Express

I’m loving my new organizing systems! My desk – still spotless. It’s been easy to keep it clean since there’s a place for everything! Everyday, I’m working my task list and making progress towards a complete task-oriented system. I find that by having a “to do” for everything – work & personal, I’m sleeping better and feeling much less stressed.”

JK, Raleigh, NC

Pharmaceutical Representative


Welcome to Turn Leaf Organizing! I am the owner and founder of Turn Leaf Organizing, a professional organizing and productivity consulting business based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I started my business in 2007, with the inspiration and intention to help professionals and businesses eliminate physical, mental, and calendar clutter. Teaching the principles of productivity has become my passion, and helping professionals and business leaders thrive during times of transition (growth, change in leadership, relocation) has become my area of expertise.  I wear many hats in life, as we all do: mother, wife, business owner, friend, daughter, sister, athlete.  Leading a productive, intentional, and impactful life is no small feat, and I have made it my mission to support like-minded professionals and business owners who strive to achieve that balance, so they can work hard and play hard!