Ready to feel less overwhelmed and still get more done?

I am a productivity expert and I will show you how to take control of your space, time, and information so you can be more productive and have peace of mind.

You can have both when you turn over a new leaf.

I work with highly-driven professionals to help them eliminate the overwhelm and get back in control.

The High Performer's Morning Game Plan

Feeling sidelined by overwhelm?

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Organize your


  • Eliminate piles of paper and overflowing file drawers.
  • Find what you are looking for in seconds.
  • Walk into a clean, organized office every day.
  • Turn clutter and chaos into order and organization.
  • Create a workspace that reflects the quality of work you do.
Take Control of Your


  • Take back control of your schedule and calendar.
  • Create to-do lists that are actually achievable.
  • Separate the urgent from the important.
  • Learn how to say no and when to say yes.
  • Create new habits and routines that stick.
Master Your


  • Low-tech and high-tech solutions to organize your digital info.
  • Convert your filing system into a powerful finding system.
  • Access information no matter where you are.
  • Eliminate inbox overwhelm - process emails in a timely manner.
  • Get information out of your head and into an easy-to-access place.

Need a little help keeping your productivity goals on track?

I help ensure your success by serving as your accountability partner. I provide feedback, encouragement, and motivation at whatever level is right for you.

Turning over a new leaf is always just a phone call away.

Elisabeth Galperin

Rave Reviews

“Elisabeth has worked with me on a number of projects and I have no problem recommending her very highly. Her skill addressing a problem and working it through to a successful conclusion and her cooperative attitude in collaboratively coming to mutually agreed upon approaches and solutions makes working with her a joy. And the work gets gone easily, quickly, efficiently and well. What more could you ask for?"

Bernie Kemp

Economist and Former UNC-Chapel Hill Professor

Our organization sought the support of Turn Leaf Organizing / Elisabeth Galperin for our leadership team. The coaching we received as a team in the areas of prioritization, time management and putting systems and processes in place was invaluable to us. Our team loved working with Elisabeth! She is a wealth of organizational management ideas that are personalized to meet the needs of your team collectively and individually.

Kathy Demers

Superintendent, Monroe Local Schools

“Whether you are in chaos or already significantly organized Turn Leaf Organizing has organization tools for everyone! Don't let discomfort about your level of disorganization keep you from utilizing their great services.”

Kay Fittes

Professional Speaker and Trainer

"As a solopreneur working out of my home, I didn't know how to best structure my office. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find a system that worked. Elisabeth took the time to really get to know my work style, organizational needs, etc. She gave me the structure and the processes that I needed most to work efficiently. Honestly, it is no exaggeration to say that it was life-changing. My productivity has increased dramatically, and my stress levels have decreased even more so. It was well worth the investment to hire Elisabeth, and I highly recommend her."

Susan Wiesmann

President, Opal Sky Communications

I can’t say enough about Elisabeth’s Peak Productivity Academy! I learned how to actually get my calendar to start working for me so that I could make the most of my valuable time. I now have a system in place for blocking out time and getting more done than I ever thought possible. I also have a new morning routine I absolutely love that helps me start each day with the mindset I need to accomplish my goals. 

Patrick M.

Master Success Coach

"I feel very empowered now because when I walk into my office it no longer looks cluttered, and now I know exactly what my priorities/actions for the day are, and where to find the corresponding information."

Chris Lee

Bookkeeping Express

I wanted to reach out to let you know how beneficial your training session was a couple of weeks ago! After that day, I started implementing small changes to my daily schedule that are opening the door for bigger goals I want to accomplish. Small things such as picking things up when done have helped and setting a goal to eat dinner as a family twice a week. One thing I said I would never do, but have started, is getting up earlier in the morning before my children! Whoa, game changer!! I am starting to feel back on top of my housework and my daily schedule is much more planned out and I am able to think more in the future. Anyway, thank you for keeping things simple and digestible.

Sarah M.

YP Team training

"I’m loving my new organizing systems! My desk – still spotless. It’s been easy to keep it clean since there’s a place for everything! Every day, I’m working on my task list and making progress towards a complete task-oriented system. I find that by having a 'to do' for everything – work & personal, I’m sleeping better and feeling much less stressed."

Jerilin K.

Pharmaceutical Representative

"I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Elisabeth on numerous occasions. Her commitment to educating and empowering her customers is unparalleled. She works diligently to maintain her industry expertise and has truly earned the designation of 'professional.' One can rest assured when one has consulted with Elisabeth on her services; she makes certain that her customers' needs are met in a timely manner that is also financially effective."

Lydia Matthews

Liberty Mutual Insurance

"Elisabeth's presentation 'Get Organized' inspired me to just get to it! It was held in January which is always a motivating factor, but what I really learned was that there were 3 ways to organize our stuff; recycle, trash, and keep. That was very handy information and can be really useful for going through a stack of mail, as well!"

Jamy McGee

Health Education Director, UNC Wellness Center

"As I write this, I am in Nashville following up on a lifetime dream of publishing my “life” book! I am meeting with several folks over the next few days and will return late on Wednesday with a hopeful strategy of finishing this lifelong journey. Your organizational influence has assisted me in feeling free enough to move forward, so thanks!”

Dan Francis


"I recommend Elisabeth highly! Elisabeth helped me to organize my client follow-ups, to-do lists, and improve my time management. Within the next four months, my business increased by 40%. Within six months of working with Elisabeth, I was able to promote to regional vice president in my company.”

Kristine McGilvray

Arbonne International

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