My New Leaf

Well, we made it!  Here I am in Cincinnati, two months post-move.  I’m not going to lie- it has been a crazy few months for my husband, my two sons and myself, despite our knack for organization!  I am happy to report, however, that we are finally starting to settle in.  This experience has certainly been . . . → Read More: My New Leaf

Finding Your Niche

I have heard- and used- this phrase countless times throughout my life.  However, I am not sure I ever really took the time to explore what that phrase really meant, or how it really applied to my life in that moment.  Recently, I have had the opportunity to truly explore the meaning behind this common phrase, and . . . → Read More: Finding Your Niche

Give Me Ten

I know we all lead very busy lives, but do you think you could commit ten minutes each day if I told you during those ten minutes, you could gain a sense of control, accomplishment and direction?  When I work with my Productivity Coaching clients, one of the new habits I ask them to adopt is . . . → Read More: Give Me Ten

Embracing Habits

If someone asked what your most ingrained habits are, you would likely begin to think about the bad habits you have been trying to change for the past several years; smoking, chewing your fingernails, eating junk food.

Everyone has habits, some good and some bad. Most people accept that fact, and move on.  As adults, habits often become . . . → Read More: Embracing Habits

Is Procrastination Hurting Your Revenue?

Returning guest blogger Jennifer Conaway, owner of Your Next Level Inc

I am procrastinating (not something I typically do). Right this very minute. I would like to thank my blog for enabling my procrastination. I have a project with a deadline I should be working on- a self-imposed deadline but nonetheless if you want to hold a . . . → Read More: Is Procrastination Hurting Your Revenue?

Planning: Today and Tomorrow

“Do not finish TODAY until you have planned for TOMORROW.”

I came across this fantastic quote this week (thank you Doug Stevenson), as I was preparing for a presentation for women entrepreneurs in the field of skincare.  It really resonated with me, and reflects one of the main messages I give to all of my clients, including . . . → Read More: Planning: Today and Tomorrow