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As the kids are getting ready to head back to school, and some of you are not too far from a shift in wardrobe (summer to fall clothing), I thought I would share some simple tips that can help keep your (and your kid’s)closet better organized.

Do you prefer this closet...

Is an organized closet really that important, you ask? Well, consider this.  The easier you can find specific items, and the quicker you put together an outfit, the smoother your morning routine will go. This, in turn, helps your day get off to a good start.  Need another reason?  It is a proven fact that many consumers own duplicate items (same exact pair of pants, down to the size & brand) simply because they could not find that item in their closet, and therefore had to buy another.  Doesn’t that seem like a silly way to spend money, especially in today’s penny-pinching economy?

or this closet?

If you are not convinced, call me. I can give you a dozen more reasons why an organized closet makes for a better life.  For those of you who are on board, try these ideas and let me know how they work for you:

  • Avoid the shoe pile-up on the dark floor of your closet.  Instead of using a hanging shoe organizer, purchase a hanging sweater organizer.  You can fit more than one pair in each compartment, and it will accommodate bigger shoes and/or boots.
  • Sort by color.  You may think that this is going overboard, but think about how often you flip through the hangers looking for that specific blue shirt? It may only save a few seconds, but it makes the process of getting dressed flow much more easily.
  • The Sheets: How many of you hate folding the sheets and trying to get them to stay put and together as a set in the linen closet.  Some day I am going to invent a better fitted sheet that folds neatly. Until that million-dollar idea takes shape, try this:  Use one pillow case from the sheet set to “house” the remainder of the set.  This helps to hide the ugly fitted sheet, and prevents pillow cases from mysteriously disappearing from the matching sheets.
  • The Hanger Trick:  What percentage of the clothing in your closet goes unworn each season?  Probably more than you think.  Here is how to identify what items are worth keeping, and what items need to be donated to free up the coveted space on the hanging bars.  Start with all of your hangers’ hooks facing in the same direction (either like a question mark, or a reverse question mark).  Once an item has been worn and washed, hang it back up with the hook facing the opposite direction.  Do this for 6-8 weeks.   Once that time has passed, take note of which items were never worn (they will still be on a hanger whose hook was never changed).  If you did not wear it in the span of 2 months, you most likely do not need it in your closet.  Choose a timeline that feels comfortable for you (if 2 months is too short, try it for a whole season).  Most important, stick to your plan and get rid of it.  Reward yourself – not by going shopping- with a small treat that will not add “stuff” to your life.  Maybe a trip to the ice cream shop?

If you need more ideas to meet your unique closet situation, you know who to call!

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