Better Focus, Less Stress

Guest blogger Jennifer Conaway is the founder and Chief Business  Wrangler™ of  Your Next Level, Inc. Her small business  experience and 10 years in  operations with Cisco give her a  unique view into the business world.  Jennifer has a project management background and uses those skills on a daily basis while working with clients. Jennifer is a very talented business coach, and has worked with Turn Leaf Organizing bringing about great results. You can find out more about Jennifer, her business and services on her website.

How do you go through your day? Are you in a constant state of hurry, worrying about getting to the next appointment, figuring out what you have to do next without ever actually being in the moment?

What does that really mean? Being in the moment? Think the about the last time you were with a client, or riding your bike, or reading a book—you completely lose track of time, you are focused totally on what you are doing (seeing, feeling) right now. You don’t hear traffic or phones ringing, you are not thinking about what you will do this evening or even about your next appointment.

You feel fully everything happening right now.

In that moment there is no worry, only now. If you live in the moment you can experience each minute fully, absorbed by the emotions in that moment. There is a freedom to being in the moment; an ability to create and focus more fully than you are able to when you are distracted.

Think of all of the time we spend distracted- especially professionally. We often have multiple items on our plate at any one time. Finding space to be absorbed by one task (in the ‘now’ of that task) can seem like a challenge.

Setting aside time to be in the now and focus fully on one client, one task will help you focus, help keep the creativity flowing and help reduce your stress.

Effective multitasking is a myth. Your brain can only do one thing at a time. Why not do it well? Stay in the now, everything else will wait.

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